620036, Ekaterinburg,
23, Soboleva street, tel.: +7 (343) 223-26-44, 223-26-45
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Prices: hotel and sauna

Prices for hotel accommodation

Room Size Max people Price, RUR per night  
Standard one-room suite 20 m2 two 2000 book
Superior one-room suite 20 m2 two 2500 book
Studio room 40 m2 two 4000 book
Standard two-room suite 40 m2 four 3000 book
Superior two-room suite 45 m2 four 3500 book
Standard one-room suite on Udel’naya street 20 m2 two 2000 book
Standard one-room suite on Sukhodolskaya street 25 m2 two 2500 book


Renting an apartment on Udel’naya street

lease term Price
1 month 13 000 rubles


Renting an apartment on Sukhodolskaya street

lease term Price
1 month 17 000 rubles


Sauna prices

Max people Each subsequent person Cost per hour  
four 200 rubles
(up to 7 people)
800 rubles book
four 200 rubles
(up to 7 people)
700 rubles in weekday book


Banquet room reservation

Average check
per person
Cork fee  
1300 rubles No book


The Hotel Complex Sibir is not just a hotel with prices that are available to everyone, but also an additional service and opportunities for recreation. In addition to comfortable rooms, we offer you a sauna with a pool, its prices also surprise with its democratic character. You can use a complex of services or choose one thing, our managers will always help you and answer all questions.

Prices in Hotel Sibir

We adhere to very restrained and democratic pricing policy. Our services are available to a wide range of clients. A business trip, a family vacation or a trip with friends – everyone can choose a room they can afford.

  • Single room in a hotel for 1 or 2 people can be rented for 2 thousand rubles and more;
  • Double room with the ability to accommodate from 2 to 4 people will cost from 3 thousand rubles;
  • A one-room apartment – from 2 thousand rubles per night or from 13 thousand rubles per month.

You can also independently determine the required rental time – from several hours to several months. Hotel prices are much more affordable and cheaper than the cost of renting apartments from private owners.

Prices for the sauna with pool

Hotel Complex Sibir is not only a convenient and diverse number of rooms, but also a large selection of related services. Including a modern bath, at prices inferior to most of the prices of relaxing centers. At the same time, we can boast a truly high-quality service and a unique technology of creating real waves in the pool.

The price of a sauna with a pool in the Hotel Sibir is also beneficial because you get several services at once:

  • The opportunity to enjoy dry steam in the Finnish steam room;
  • Relax in a real bath with a birch broom in a Russian steam bath.;
  • Swim in the spacious wave pool;
  • Great to relax in the chic interior of the guest room.

You still do not know where inexpensive and high quality? Come to us in Sibir. Here you can relax in the sauna, have a bite in the restaurant or order dishes directly to the relaxation room, and if you want to continue your rest, you can use any of our rooms and apartments from our foundation, which can be rented for a few hours, night, day or night. for a longer time.

How to find us?

The Hotel Complex Sibir is located in an ecologically clean area of Yekaterinburg – district Shirokaya River, which is located at a moderate distance from the center itself and in close proximity to the forest park area. In 5-10 minutes walk you can be surrounded by perennial pines, and only 15-20 minutes by taxi or public transport – and you walk through the historic center of the Ural capital.

The excellent landscape outside the window, developed infrastructure, the presence of large shopping centers within walking distance and some distance from the hustle and bustle of the city – the optimal conditions for short or long stays.

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