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Restaurant with summer terrace for an anniversary and corporate party

Boiled vegetables French fries
Price: 80 rubles Price: 80 rubles
Green peas, cauliflower, beans, carrots. Output: 150 grams Classic french fries. Output: 120 grams
Fried potatoes Cauliflower
Price: 80 rubles Price: 150 rubles
Young boiled potatoes, fried in butter. Output: 150 grams Fried in breadcrumbs. Output: 150 grams
Rice Boiled potatoes
Price: 80 rubles Price: 80 rubles
Boiled rice with butter and spices. Output: 150 grams Young boiled potatoes, served with butter. Output: 150 grams
Julienne Calamary in batter
Price: 250 rubles Price: 300 rubles
Mushroom julienne: mushrooms baked in a creamy sour cream sauce under a cheese crust. Output: 75 grams.
“Boyarski” julienne: chicken fillet with apples, egg, baked in a creamy sour cream sauce and cheese crust. Output: 100 grams
Delicate calamary, sliced with onion rings, fried in batter. Output: 150 grams
Siberia Pizza Burger
Price: 400 rubles Price: 350 rubles
Chef’s pizza, includes: chicken, bell pepper, tomato, olives, mozzarella. Output: 500 grams A real homemade burger served with French fries. Output: 230 grams
Sausages Bavarian natural grilled Shawarma
Price: 350 rubles Price: 300 rubles
1 1 sausage Bavarian (snail-shaped), 2 sausages Bavarian (sticks-shaped), 1 Munich sausage. Output: 210/40 grams Middle Eastern dish of Arabic origin. Stuffing chopped chicken. Served with French fries and tartar sauce. Output: 230/40 grams
Chicken wings Pork ribs
Price: 400 rubles Price: 400 rubles
Marinated chicken wings, deep fried, served with French fries and tomato sauce. Output: 350/40 grams Fried, marinated pork ribs. Served with baked potato in jackets, pickled with cabbage, two sauces, tomato and sour cream. Output: 380/80 grams
Vegetable platter Snack “Slavic”

Price: 300 rublestd>

Price: 250 rubles
Vegetable slices from fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers. Output: 250 grams Homemade pickled cucumbers with homemade cabbage salad. Output: 150 grams
Greek salad Pickled mushrooms with sour cream
Price: 300 rubles Price: 250 rubles
Fitness salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, feta cheese. Output: 150 grams Homemade forest mushrooms pickled with pickled onions, served with sour cream. Output: 95/15 grams
Pickled mushrooms Olives
Price: 250 rubles Price: 200 rubles
Homemade forest pickled mushrooms with onions in a Greek dressing. Output: 110 grams Olives are a harmonious and beautiful snack. Output: 110 grams
Cheese plate Assorted Fish Platter
Price: 200 rubles Price: 600 rubles
Cheese plate. Output: 100 grams Cold-smoked balyk, cold-smoked pink salmon, octopus, salted herring, red caviar, olives. Output: 167 grams
Pancakes with red caviar Eggs Stuffed With Caviar
Price: 300 rubles Price: 300 rubles
Served on lettuce leaves. Output: 100 grams Specialty of the restaurant “Sibir”. Output: 140 grams
Country herring Snack to vodka
Price: 300 rubles Price: 400 rubles
Pickled green herring, pickled onions, young boiled potatoes, seasoned with Greek dressing. Output: 158 grams Pork neck stewed in the oven, served with pickled cucumber and cabbage. Output: 250 grams
Meat platter Boiled tongue
Price: 500 rubles Price: 300 rubles
Smoked sausage, calf tongue, delicacy, ham, sausage, fresh cucumber and olives. Output: 190 grams Boiled veal tongue served with fresh cucumber and mustard. Output: 125/10 grams
Salad “Taiga” Caesar salad
Price: 300 rubles Price: 300 rubles
Gourmet salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, veal tongue and pine nuts. Output: 150 grams Favorite salad with chicken, fresh tomato, crispy crackers and parmesan cheese. Output: 250 grams
Specialty salad Salad “Capital”
Price: 300 rubles Price: 250 rubles
Stunning combination of veal tongue with chicken, homemade ham, pickled mushrooms and green apple. Output: 150 grams Diplomatic salad with chicken. Output: 150 grams
Salad “Moscow” Manti
Price: 300 rubles Price: 300 rubles
Brezhnev’s favorite salad. Output: 150 grams Juicy manty, made from chopped veal tenderloin with pickled onions. Output: 225/15 grams
Dumplings “Siberian” Dumplings “Petrovsky”
Price: 250 rubles Price: 250 rubles
Homemade dumplings of veal tenderloin and pork neck. Output: 200 grams Homemade chicken dumplings. Output: 200 grams
Dumplings baked in a pot Fish dumplings
Price: 300 rubles Price: 300 rubles
Homemade dumplings of veal tenderloin and pork neck stewed in a pot with cheese and sour cream sauce. Output: 220 grams Homemade trout dumplings Output: 200 grams
Old Russian soup “Tyurya” Okroshka
Price: 250 rubles Price: 200 rubles
Potato cream soup with vegetables, mushrooms served in the hunk of rye bread. Output: 400 grams Homemade Russian cold soup. Output: 320 grams
Homemade Noodle Soup with Chicken A thick soup of vegetables and meat
Price: 200 rubles Price: 250 rubles
Soup, cooked in chicken broth with chicken meat and homemade noodles. Output: 300 grams Soup, cooked in meat broth with various types of meat, served with sour cream dressing. Output: 250/20 grams
Siberian fish soup Borscht
Price: 200 rubles Price: 200 rubles
Classic fish soup, cooked with the addition of white wine. Output: 250 grams Homemade borsch with meat, garlic croutons and sour cream. Output: 250 grams
Pork neck kebab Pork Chop Barbecue
Price: 550 rubles Price: 450 rubles
Dish cooked on the grill. Output: 280/40 grams Dish cooked on the grill. Output: 265/40 grams
Chicken fajitas Roast meat in a pot
Price: 400 rubles Price: 450 rubles
Striped chicken and grilled vegetables with rice and guacamole sauce. Output: 350/40 grams Roast veal tenderloin with potatoes and tomatoes, stewed in sour cream sauce. Output: 280 grams
Kebab Chicken kebab
Price: 400 rubles Price: 400 rubles
Dish cooked on the grill. Output: 230/40 grams Dish cooked on the grill. Output: 330/40 grams
Chicken fillet baked with mushrooms Char-grilled chicken
Price: 450 rubles Price: 600 rubles
Chicken fillet is baked in sour cream sauce with mushrooms and onions under a cheese crust. Output: 230 grams Everyone’s favorite dish of Georgian cuisine. Output: 900/40 grams
Uzbek Pilaf Salmon in pancakes
Price: 350 rubles Price: 500 rubles
Original Uzbek Pilaf cooked in a cauldron with chicken. Served with vegetable salad. Output: 250/80 grams Trout fillet (salmon), baked in potato pancakes with creamy cheese sauce with garnish. Output: 350/50/50 grams
Grilled salmon steak Fish Baked in Foil
Price: 550 rubles Price: 500 rubles
Dish cooked on the grill. Output: 240/40 grams Trout fillet stewed in wine with bell pepper, cheese, onion. Served in a swan-shaped foil. Output: 200 grams
Sausages Bavarian grilled French Baguette with garlic
Price: 350 rubles Price: 150 rubles
1 sausage Bavarian (snail-shaped), 2 sausages Bavarian (sticks-shaped), 1 Munich sausage. Output: 210/20 grams Output: 170 grams
Branded draft beer  
Price: 90 rubles/ 140 rubles  
Output: 300 ml / 500 ml  

Ресторан гостиницы Hotel Sibir is a luxury business complex in the best world traditions. It is located almost in the heart of the city of Ekaterinburg, to be more precise, in its historical, cultural and business center. Here you can not only hold a corporate party, a banquet, a birthday party, a children’s holiday, an anniversary, a graduation party, but also ordinary leisure in a friendly atmosphere. If this is a warm season, and you want to celebrate outside, then you can organize an event on the summer terrace.
For children’s New Year’s parties, dinner parties, dinners, romantic evenings, we provide two rooms, one of which is on the first floor and the other on the second. In addition, that we are the first representatives in the chain, holistically consistent with the standards. The hotel earned the approval of hotel residents and cafeteria visitors, who appreciated his many advantages.

We offer to order the rental of the hall “on a turnkey basis”

Праздник в ресторане гостиницы Do you want a real celebration for yourself? Then entrust us with all the organizational issues. We will organize a table for a business meeting, your holiday or your child’s holiday. We’ll make the menu proceeding depending on wishes of the invited people. We will discuss in advance every detail of the upcoming celebration. To order a cheap service, please inform your personal organizer about:

  • Rental date;
  • Start and end time;
  • Number of persons;
  • Menu (European cuisine) – you can get acquainted with the full range of dishes in the “Restaurant” section;
  • Room reservation (if required);
  • Place of celebration (summer terrace in the courtyard or a room in a restaurant). Outside celebration can only be hold in the warm season.

The manager will take care of all the rest. All you need is to arrive at the appointed time and relax in the pleasure.

Our halls for running events

Меню ресторана гостиницы Spacious rooms of a cafe with a unique interior are always prepared to accommodate guests. In the summer you can book tables at the playground in the backyard, which in the evening will turn into a dance floor. Participants of a banquet, party, weddings or other event will be able to comfortably sit at the tables, dance and participate in the solemn program. And children play fun.

Rest with maximum comfort!

Номер гостиницы For celebrations and accommodation of guests we recommend not only to celebrate a significant day, to try delicious restaurant dishes, but also to comfortably accommodate. Our hotel belongs to the system of comfortable sleep (“Garden sleep system”), which is equipped with several rooms. The hotel has a rich number of rooms and high service. You can book a standard comfortable room or increased convenience. After the feast, it will be ideal to go directly to the hotel room yourself and book guest rooms. Especially if your house is far away.

Rest and celebrate at the highest level, order services from us. Become a regular customer and use the discount!

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