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Studio room (from 2500 rub. for 12 hours)

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Studio room (from 2500 rub. for 12 hours)

Start FromPrice: 4,000.00 rub. / Night
Max People2
Room Size40 m²
Room ServiceYes

One-room studio with all the amenities includes a sofa, a coffee table, a wardrobe, a table for luggage, a desk with a mini bar fridge, a double bed, a plasma TV, a tray with a carafe and cups. In the bathroom: shower, sink, and toilet.

Studio room

If you want to stay outside the city and get a good rest without the demonstrated luxury, and at the same time do not overpay for unnecessary additional services, we offer you to rent a room in the Hotel Sibir. Our hotel is a great choice, having stayed here at least once, you will want to stay here by all means for a few more days. And you will come back again to rest comfortably.

Overview of the studio room hotel “Sibir”

A one-room studio is concise and luxurious at the same time. The walls of wood emit a pleasant aroma. The room has the necessary amenities:

  • Double bed;
  • Chic black comfortable sofa;
  • Coffee table;
  • Luggage table;
  • A table with a mini bar fridge;
  • Modern TV;
  • A tray with a carafe and glasses;
  • Bathroom with sink, shower, and toilet;
  • Wireless high-speed Internet.

Interior room

Architecturally, in terms of filling and quadrature, a standard room is no different from an ordinary studio. Also 40 squares, double bed, and bathroom. The only difference is the interior. This category of rooms is more unusual and at the same time practical, which allows pleasing the eye and solving household problems of guests. It can act simultaneously as a bedroom and a living room.

Benefits that you get by renting a room with us

The guests receive a number of advantages if they decide to rent a one-room studio in the hotel “Sibir”:

  • Ecological zone and clean air, peace, and tranquility Our hotel is located in a green forest area. This is very important for people living in the city, where smog and dust, forever bustle. Here you can relax, no one will disturb you, even the refrigerator runs silently, peace and quiet.
  • A restaurant. The restaurant menu is varied, prices are inexpensive, you can order the preparation of dishes that you like, even if it is not on the menu.
  • Sauna. You can relax in the in the Russian and Finnish sauna with a besom. And order cool drinks. And if you get hungry, we will bring the ordered food right from the restaurant.
  • Convenient location. Despite the fact that we are outside the city, driving to the center of Yekaterinburg takes 15-20 minutes by car.


The cleanliness of the room is also needed to be noticed. Our guests’ rooms are always clean because wet cleaning is carried out regularly.

Neither on the surface of the furniture, nor on the floor, nor under the bed, you will see dust. It is important for people prone to allergic reactions to dust and odors.

Would you like to relax in the countryside comfortably? Book this room in our hotel!

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