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Inexpensive sauna in Yekaterinburg. Birthday discount

Price per hour Max people Each subsequent person
 800 rubles 4  200 rubles (up to 7 people)
 700 rubles in weekday 4  200 rubles (up to 7 people)


  • Capacity: 4 – 6 people
  • Pools: each sauna has its own swimming pool 3×5 m
  • Recreation rooms: each sauna has its own one
  • Price per hour: 800 rubles per hour
  • Steam rooms: Besoms, Russian, Finnish
  • Cuisine: Bar and Cold Appetizers, European, Custom, Russian
  • Services: Audio-video equipment, Banquet room, Big screen, Home cinema, Karaoke, Satellite TV

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Sauna for VIPs or VIP-sauna is not just a place to relax, it is a status institution where you can celebrate a birthday, corporate party, hold an informal meeting with business partners, or just relax with friends. A spacious room with a modern interior, decent surroundings, professional equipment for steam rooms and a pool, as well as related services of the appropriate level – this is what the steam room of the Hotel Complex Sibir is.

What to choose: a sauna or a bath?

Сауна гостиницы "Сибирь"

We do not put our customers before a difficult choice. Even in small companies, there are always adherents of two different cultures. Someone would prefer a Russian bath with a besom and steam, and someone close to a Finnish sauna with dry hot heat.

The VIP sauna of Yekaterinburg Sibir is an amazing symbiosis of two cultures, successfully adjoining in the same room. Our clients no longer need to argue where to rest this time. A steam room is available in the hall, which is equipped with unique stove equipment.

Now, depending on your desire, it can create dry and hot air, heating a room above 110 degrees, or maybe a stove in a Russian bath that can be scalded with water with essential oils and other natural flavors dissolved in it. Thus, in one evening, you can immediately enjoy two types of steam, each of which is in its own way beneficial to the body.


The steam room in the sauna of the Hotel Complex Sibir stand out from similar complexes for a special attitude to the client, a presentable appearance and a huge range of additional services:

  • Attentive and friendly staff that greets each guest;
  • Free bath accessories – sheets and slippers;
  • All necessary barware;
  • Modern video and audio equipment for recreation and events;
  • A cozy banquet room with a fireplace;
  • Light and spacious steam rooms with all necessary accessories;
  • Comfortable wardrobe and recreational rooms;
  • Bucket waterfall and wave pool.

The VIP sauna in the Hotel Sibir is a part of the hotel, and in the center of our city, our guests have access not only to the sauna, but also the entire hotel room capacity. After a good rest does not necessarily drive the car, the whole company can continue the fun in our hotel complex.

Wave pool in the sauna

Бассейн гостиницы "Сибирь"

In our city, there is a huge number of saunas and baths. However, only a few of such relaxation centers are able to offer their clients the luxury of a wave pool. Instead of a small tank with cold water, in the VIP sauna Sibir you will find an imitation of sea waves of different frequency and intensity. Remembering the sea and enjoying its smooth rises and falls can now be without leaving the city, in a sauna with a pool: cheap and very impressive.

And in case you choose our sauna for celebrating a birthday or a family celebration, you should not worry about how to occupy your children. Be sure: they will be in the wave pool!

Standard and personal menu

Меню гостиницы "Сибирь"

Bath complex Sibir is an inexpensive steam room, but with a rich additional service and maintenance. Due to the fact that our sauna is part of the hotel complex, we offer our customers the delivery of food and beverages from the main restaurant menu.

Restaurant Sibir is ready to surprise its visitors with dishes of Russian cuisine. Our chefs cook according to the age-old Russian recipes, which are striking in their appetizing, nutritiousness and piquant. We always have only fresh organic products.

In addition to the main menu, available for order at any time, visitors to a bath with a pool can order a custom meal that corresponds to their concept of a festive lunch or dinner with a lower than expected price. Our chef will listen to all your wishes, make the necessary clarifications and by the time you come to the VIP sauna you will have a festive or romantic table with the appropriate table setting. This is a great solution for a banquet: no plastic cups and disposable dishes, as well as quick sandwiches and salads from the shop. Rest adequately.

The cost of an hour in the sauna Sibir

Prices for VIP sauna services with a pool in our city are very different. The cost can start from several hundred rubles and end with several thousand in 1 hour. It all depends on the status of the institution, comfort, and level of service. Despite the fact that the sauna of the Hotel Complex Sibir is positioning itself as a steam room with a pool for very important people, the cost is inexpensive:

  • The cost of an hour in our sauna starts at 700 rubles. The cost is valid for renting a VIP sauna on weekdays;
  • We provide special discounts  to birthday people who come to us to celebrate a birthday – up to 10% for the rental of a bath;
  • During peak hours, the rental price is 800 rubles for 4 people per hour.

Given the high quality of service, as well as a number of additional services that our VIP sauna provides for free, the offer can be called the best in the market in terms of price-quality ratio.

Would you like to relax with benefits for the soul and the body? Do you want to choose the best option among the saunas and baths in Yekaterinburg? Then come to us! We guarantee the best steam room in the Russian or Finnish steam room and a huge number of pleasant bonuses that will make your stay unforgettable.

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